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Bridge Constructor Portal DLC – Portal Proficiency

The Portal Proficiency DLC is an expansion of the original game that unlocks the ability to create your own portals in 30 glorious, challenging new levels.

My first objective here is to complete each level with a convoy at the least possible cost. In this endeavor the aim is to pass each level with a convoy, regardless of structural integrity or any other considerations; indeed, one might arguably award extra points for spectacular structural collapses provided every member of the convoy exits intact. Needlessly complicated paths are possible at no extra cost thanks to the limited number of free portals you may construct.

Secondary goals may include exiting backwards and/or upside down, using novel or difficult areas and exit points, minimizing the number of portals required, prolonging flight time, crossing paths, and just having fun with the possibilities.

With no further ado, here is my unofficial Parsimonious Portal Proficiency Programme.

Level 1: My First Portal $0

Level 2: Flip the portal $5800

Level 3: Chronology I $5150

Level 4: Cube and Button $1500 (forward)

Level 5: Repulsion Gel 01 $10850 (forward)

Level 6: Aerial Faith Plates $0

Level 7: Don’t touch the energy pellet $700 (convoy), $0 (single)

Level 8: Boutique $700

Level 9: Hasty speed does succeed $0

Level 10: One cube per turret $1600 (backwards), $2000 (forwards)

Level 11: Catch-22 $2500

Level 12: Sequence Optimization $2200, forward and backward

Level 13: Backwards $1800, forward and backward

Level 14: Turret Alarm $4150 forward

Level 15: Symmetric Freedom $9050

Level 16: Blessing and Curse $0 forward

Level 17: One Cube Two Buttons $0 forward

Level 18: It’s in the bounce $0 forward and backward

Level 19: Frequent flier miles $0 forward, backward, upside-down

Level 20: Choices $2600 forward

Level 21: Head over heels $1900 forward and backward

Level 22: Three Ways $30050 forward

Level 23: Back to the roots $4200 forward

Level 24: Cuball $5500 forward & backward, $6150 via lower exit

Level 25: Wingman $0 forward and backward

Level 26: Brain Assault I $0 forward

Level 27: Brain Assault II $17000 (loads of room for improvement!)

Level 28: Sneak or Kill $32100 (sneak), $1800 (kill)

Level 29: A Matter of Balance $22350 forward

Level 30: Revolving Doors $0 forward, backward, upside-down

Can you come up with a better, cheaper, unusually entertaining or more Rube Goldberg solution to these maddening, magnificent levels?

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