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Portal Proficiency, Level 28 $1800

“Sneak or Kill”

This is a fantastic level, full of challenges, perfect for the third-to-last of these Portal Proficiency DLC puzzles.

After deciding whether to sneak past the turrets or bump them off you’ll need to implement an opening gambit. I decided the $1900 and $2100 moves offered the most possibility and explored both extensively.

The following kludgy portal abuse solution is offered for your edification and amusement in the hope you’ll find a more clever path through the maze.

Killbot solution, $1900

Multiple turrets add an exponential level of difficulty with overlapping fields of fire. Factor in few regulating surfaces and it’s a tricky business to send all forklifts along the same path. Those awkwardly placed buttons transmute perfect path discovery into an exercise in patience.

Idealized solutions that work for one forklift are unlikely to work for a cohort; the first touch of a turret subtly alters the leading forklift’s trajectory so that a perfect 1-portal, 1-kill ratio with a single path is difficult. My experiments with forklift orientation, rotation, angle and direction of travel to eliminate such variations were ultimately unsuccessful, though I’d love to see somebody else succeed where I could not. Sending them through turrets backward or perfectly level can mitigate the instability somewhat.

I’ve tried things to stabilize the convoy: portals that a forklift need only poke it’s nose through to nudge the turret; hit a turret with wheels or undercarriage; fling forklifts with high velocity to smash one turret into another and in so doing, gain a tempo.

Finishing this level economically feels like breaking into a safe or picking a high security lock, leading to a score of 11 out of ten for entertainment.

I believe it’s not possible to go below $1800. Can you prove me wrong?

Challenge Time!

  1. reduce the cost of construction
  2. kill every turret
  3. try to avoid killing any turrets
  4. exit upside-down and/or backwards
  5. kill turrets only on the right side
  6. kill turrets only on the left side

Sample Solutions:

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